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Constant Current / Indoor

30W_SlimLine_Series_Turned Around.png

Linear Slim Line Indoor TSYSL Series Flicker Free )

Universial Input, 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W, 150W                               

CE / EN61347 / EN55015 / EN61000-3-2 Class C                             

No Load Power < 0,5W  Efficiency upp till 92%                       

5-års Warranty (Longlife Capacitors 105°C)                                 

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EUCI Panda.png

Delta EUCI Panda Constant Current Series

Universial Input 198-264Vac

20W, From 350 up to 700mA Fixed Output Current

Meets IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class C                   

Approvals: CE / ENEC / IEC61347 / EN61347 / EN62384                         

Constant Current / Indoor Dimmable / Programmable

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EUCI Mini Series.png

Delta EUCI Mini Constant Current Series, Programmable, Flicker Free

Universial Input 198-264Vac

20W, 250-700mA, Spänningsområde: 24-54Vdc

40W, 300-1200mA, Spänningsområde: 20-50Vdc

50W, 500-1400mA, Spänningsområde: 20-50Vdc

Meets IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class C

Output Current adjustable by programming tool          

DALI Control and Emergency Lighting is available

DALI2 Available                   

Approvals: CE / IEC61347 / EN61347                             

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EUCI BL Series.png

Delta EUCI BL Constant Current Series, Dimmable, Programmable, PFC

Universial Input 198-264Vac, Built In PFC Function

20W, 250-700mA, Spänningsområde: 24-54Vdc

40W, 500-1400mA, Spänningsområde: 20-50Vdc

1% - 100% Dimming Range, Flicker Free

DALI2 Available

Build-In PFC and Confirm to Harmonic Current IEC/EN 61000-3-2 Class C              Adjustable Constant Current level through DALI tool          

Bluetooth Low Energy and DALI Dimming Available                   

Approvals: CE / IEC61347 / EN61347 / EN62384                              

Delta Logo.png

Delta EUCI Pro Constant Current Series, Dimmable, Programmable, PFC

Universial Input 198-264Vac, Built In PFC Function

40W, 200-1050mA, Spänningsområde: 28-77Vdc

75W, 350-1050mA, Spänningsområde: 54-110Vdc

130W, 350-1050mA, Spänningsområde: 60-200Vdc

170W, 350-1050mA, Spänningsområde: 80-310Vdc

DALI-2 certified LED driver, 2.5%-100% dimming range, Flicker Free


- Flexible configurable Operating Windows (AOC) via NFC, DALI or i-Programmer

- Autonomous dimming includes three “Smart Timer Dim” Operation Modes with

   five independent levels: Fixed Timer, Midnight Centric Timer, and Ratio Rescale Timer

- Override function is used to force the output dimming to maximum in any of

   Smart Timer Dim modes at any given time when AC mains are shorted to DALI port


Design and fix for luminaires of protection Class I and protection Class II

High Surge Immunity (CM/DM)

High Efficiency (Up to 93%)

Integrated 12VDC/100mA Auxiliary Power Supply

Approvals: CE / IEC61347 / EN61347 / SELV / ENEC

Warranty: 5 Years


Linear Constant Current Indoor NFC Programmable Series

Universial Input 90-305Vac, 55W, 80W - Built In PFC Function

CE / EN61347 / CB / ENEC15 / UL

DALI2 Available

Flicker Free

Programmable with NFC                            

1% 0-10V / PWM / Time / DALI Dimmable                      

5-års Garanti (Longlife Kondensatorer 105°C)                                 

Constant Current Tunable White

tunable white.png

Constant Current Indoor Tunable White Bluetooth Series

Universial Input 90-305Vac, 30W, Tunable White Bluetooth                       

CE / EN61347 / CB / ENEC                            

1% Dimmable / Dim Off with 1W Standby Power

Flicker Free                    

7-års Garanti (Longlife Kondensatorer)                                 


Constant Current Indoor Tunable White RF 2.4GHz Series

Universial Input 90-305Vac, 20W, Tunable White

Selectable Current 250mA to 1000mA

RF 2.4GHz, Push DIM, 0,01% to 100% Dimmable                  

CE / EN61347 / EN61547 / CB / ENEC / IEEE1789                          

Flicker Free                    

5-års Garanti (Longlife Rubycon Kondensatorer)                                 

Constant Current IP / Outdoor Programmable

IP_Metal UPT.png
LED Driver NFC Programmering.jpg
NFC Programmable Unit

IP67 Metal Case BLTSD Series

Universial Input 90 - 305Vac, 380Vac up to 2 timmar

Class II (Optional)

7-års Warranty at 75°C (Longlife Capacitors 105°C)                   

CE / ENEC / CB / CCC / SELV / UL Class P

EN61347 / EN55015 / EN61547 / EN61000-3-2 Class C                             

No Load Power < 0,5W.

PWM Output >1kHz, Flicker Free

2% Minimum Dimming Output            

DALI / Push / 0-10V / PWM / DMX (RDM) Dimmable

12Vdc / 300mA AUX Power.

Surge 10kV (12kV Optional)

Start up at -50°C                            

Constant Current Track Light Driver

Track Light Driver.jpg

Constant Current Indoor Track Light

Input 176-264Vac, Class II,  30W

Selectable Current by DIP Switch                       

CE / SELV / EN61347 / EN61547 / ENEC

Flicker Free                         

Protection SCP / OLP / OVP                 

5 Year Warranty

Black, Grey and White Available                         

Specifikationer / Datablad:

30W Track Light - Specification
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