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About Us

Our office and Warehouse are located in Lunda industrial Area in Spånga outside of Stockholm.


Power Outlet is the distributor in Scandinavia for Crane Interpoint.
We work close to our colleagues in USA and Asia becuse we want to have "daily presence" on the market and with our manufacturers.

Becuse of this we offer high flexibility and we can be on site within a short period of time.
If a production for example move from EU to Asia we can in a short period of time setup a logistic solution with direct shipment from factory to factory.

Becuse Power Outlet are very dedicated we have a high level of confidence from our customers. Often this give us the opportunity to offer more products to our customers production.

Power Outlet have a high demand on our manufacturers to be up to date with development of New Products, New Technical Solutions and a high knowledge of Safetys and Certifications.

Power Outlet is since 2018 a part of TS Connect AB. TS Connect AB is owned by Bolagsgruppen Lotorp.


Bolag i Lotorps Elektronikgrupp:
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